Welcome to our Farms

At Yirebak Global farms, we specialize in Crop Production and Management systems, using both organic and conventional methods. This is aimed at producing naturally nourishing crops for the health benefits of our valued customers. Here, we only encourage crops to grow in their natural habitat and form, thereby creating a rich blend of quality crop, healthy and worthy of human consumption..

  1. Bell Pepper
  2. Roma
  3. Habanero Pepper
  4. Scotch Bonnet Pepper
  5. Beefsteak Tomotoes
  6. Green Bell Pepper

we work hard to provide you with fresh Food

Farming is a complex endeavor. So much more than cultivating the soil and growing crops, we know it as a weaving of scientific, ecological, social and spiritual dimensions. From the time when we adopted this beautiful land in Ifuho Ikot Ekpene we have become part of that tapestry, both making it our own and indeed becoming one of its crops.





We plant We nuture

Yirebak global boast of large array of scientists whose constant research works help us to develop best crops.

Quality Produce from Yirebak Global

We grow commercial organic fresh vegetables for supply across the country. Some of our regular produce include, but not limited to, bell peppers, habanero peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, beefsteak tomatoes etc. all in different varieties.


Design & Planting

As a focused on organization, Yirebak always comes up with state of-art design technology & planting.


Quality & Reliability

Yirebak Global is driven by quality and customers satisfaction. Our pepper plantation is over 3 Acres of land.


Satisfied Customers

Our customers is our pride, we will do everything possible to see that our customers are satified.

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